Sales Development Representative (SDR)


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We were going to deny your request until we realized how hard it was to keep coming up with bullsh*t reasons to deny it. Seriously? How do these companies keep coming up with these "explanations" on why they can't do anything. We'd rather spend a fraction of the money allowing you to chase your tail, so that even if you don't catch it, it's cheaper than hiring somebody to tell you that your dreams suck.

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At Simeon Networks, staying late is not an badge of honor; it is a sign of weak leadership. We expect you togive us your everything during the work-week, while understanding that your off-time is off-limits to us. We even give you an iPhone to turn off at the end of the day. We want you to spend time with your family or whatever else you do with your time

Curiosity ftw

We want hire people who beg the question "Can it be done?"

Builders First

We are not looking for someone who is just going to buy themselves out of a problem.

The Job:

Simeon Networks is looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to find, qualify, and follow up with prospective clients who can benefit from our services. As a critical role in the sales process, ideal SDR candidate can find and research new leads, identify pain points, build relationships and make introductions with the sales representative. You will discover qualified opportunities by responding to inbound interests and targeted outbound prospects to build rapport and establish long-term relationships.

What You'll Do

  • Research new leads using the internet and contacting them directly
  • Qualifying new leads to ensure that they are a good fit for our products and services
  • Following up on marketing campaigns via phone call, email, social media or any other relevant channel
  • Schedule meetings between leads and sales reps

What We Are Looking For:

  • Excellent communication. You should be a great writer, speaker, and listener.
  • Interpersonal skills - This is a very relationship oriented position where you will need to earn the trust of the decision makers
  • Tenacity - You should be able to get past the gatekeeper in order to get to the decision maker and not give up when it gets difficult
  • Disciplined - the role is work from home and doesn't have a set schedule
  • Quiet, dedicated work environment where you can make calls and attend meetings without distractions

Data Points:

Education Requirement*:
Relocation Assistance:
Hiring Priorities
  • Veterans
  • Military Spouses